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Jan 15, 2005
Alexandria, VA
After going over it last night, I think we're all set to do the Engine Tuning Tech Day this Saturday, Dec 10th.

My truck's specs: 1975 FJ40, 2F engine, early-1967 vac adv. distributor, electronic ignition, carter afb carb, offenhauser intake

Things we'll do:
- Replace cap and rotor
- Set timing
- Basic adjustments to carb (idle speed, fuel/air mix, etc)
- Test Compression
- Test Vacuum

Things we might do if we have the time and intereset:
- Valve adjustment
- Make mods to carb for better performance off-camber
- Bolt on my new-to-me sliders :)

Tools I don't have that we'll need:
- Timing light (John Baker bringing?)
- Compression guage (Sebastien either bringing or lending)
- Vacuum guage (Sebastien. . . )
- Good power drill (if we mount the sliders. Mine sucks)
- Feeler guage (if we do the valves)

I figure we'll start at 9:00 or 10:00 at my place (address below). If you'd like to come share your expertise, learn how to do this stuff, or can lend any needed tools, please shoot me an email to let me know. That way I can have enough :beer: on hand. If anyone wants to do the same work on a stock dizzy and carb, bring it on over. It would be cool to have the side-by-side.

My address:

517A E. Howell Ave
Alexandria, VA 22301

Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Thanks for all the past and future help and advice everyone!

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