'Team MUD' Losi MRC


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Losi Mini Rock Crawler with a few upgrades...

MRC1000T alum center gear
MRC25X08 alum diff lockers
MRC10W08 alum wide wheel hex
LOSB1471 black chrome wheels
LOSB1496 alum wheel weights
LOSB1480B Rock Claws (sticki compound)
LOSB1479 memory foam
LOSB1439 alum shocks (blue coils rear, silvers front, 25wt oil)
HS645MG servo ordered...

1-1/2oz of stick-on weight inside the front rims as well, plus another 1/2oz below the steering servo...relocated a few of the electronics, but nothing major...still deciding on a LiPo battery mounted on the front upper link (and reverse the trans at the same time) and would like to do a true 4-link in the rear to further help reduce the torque twist...

LOSB1423/1412/1411/1455 sets may be next....and still deciding on some possible chassis changes....works pretty well now tho, but would like it lower :)
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