Teaching by example

May 21, 2004
MN physically, MI spiritually
So.... we get the ARB on and the winch mounted and wired and head out to strech the cable and teach my Son how to "properly" use the winch. The entire time I am telling him to be carefull and take your time and watch what you are doing, keep your fingers away from moving parts etc. We come to the last few feet of cable and I have him attach the Warn red strap to the hook and I am hainging on the the cable to keep the wrap tight. He snaps the hook into one of the tow eyes on the bumper and I wind her in. He reminds me that the red strap is still on so I grab the rope and wind enough out to get the hook off and the strap off. As I start to wind it in he puts his fingers in the hook to straighten it out and I yell at him to keep his hands away from the wire rope and hook. I lost my concentration and neglected to remove my hand from the wire rope and ended up with my index finger smashed between the roler and the rope. So there I am with my finger dripping blood and muttering bad things very outloud trying not to totally loose it. I had to pause for a couple of extreemly painfull seconds to make sure I hit the out button instead of the in button so I wouldn't take my finger off completely. F*#k that hurts! I had a tough pair of gloves on so the damage was limited to the rope stripping the skin off the inside of my index finger. No breaks and I missed the joint and I still have feeling in the tip of the finger. :doh: I told him I was glad he learned this lesson at my expense and we laughed all the way home to get the endorphins pumping. :eek:

HZJ60 Guy

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Sep 11, 2003
Seattle area
Im glad nothing to serious happened.

Im a big fan of synthetic cable.

Pressure is pressure sure, but that stuff is way easier on your appendages.
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