Tcase transfer case wont shift into 4wd, 4hi

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Jan 9, 2009
78 Fj40, This truck has NOT been driven very much at all in a long time, and may not have been in 4wd in a LONG time. I am in 2wd and the lever wont shift down into 4hi. Any suggestions on plan of attack? I think it may just be seized and I havent looked into it very far or taken anything off on the Tcase, just looking for some guidance before I start taking things apart. thanks,
Howdy, I am formally of Florence, SC. Mine would not shift when I first got it unless I snatched the shifter so hard I felt I was going to break it. What I found was the linkage holes were so worn out it was binding. I took the linkage all off and made bushings out of copper tubing since there are not many machine shop around here and I greased them up and worked great! But it may be something entirely different on your rig. Hope it is simple and not binding enternally. Thosepuppies can be fun to drop by yourself lol.
When I first got mine I had the same problem...

I crawled underneath and sprayed all the linkage down with penetrating fluid each day for a few days and then a few sharp taps with a hammer (not too hard) and after that it shifted no problem. Probably a case of it just not being used and rusting up a little.
Twin sticks;)
Thanks for the responses. I just bought this one from the original owner in Texas 3 weeks ago. It has 36k original miles on it. Hasnt been used much in quite a while!

No twin sticks for this thing, its 100% stock and staying that way! :steer:

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