TC jumping out of gear?

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May 25, 2010
Sweating in the rainforest or Winters, CA
Got a 72 FJ55 with 3 speed tranfer case. Just started jumping from 2H to N only on decent with decent revs. Doesn't do it when in 4WD High or Low, just in 2WD. I end up stopping, popping it back in and away I go. Doesn't do it on all hills, only when I stop thinking about it. Just did a 600 mile road trip and it started then.
I just rebuilt this case and it sure seemed like the synchros ( Edit: I mean clutch sleeve) were not worn and the shifter all went together nicely.

Any ideas?
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Shifter detent ball adjustment.

Edit: Synchros? What are you seeing as a synchro in an xfer case?
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Mine did that and it was worn out splines on my mainshaft and clutch hub. The transfer case is not synchronized.
Mine did that and it was worn out splines on my mainshaft and clutch hub. The transfer case is not synchronized.

OK, Looking at the FSM now and see that I guess I was speaking of the clutch sleeve, not any synchros. ( I've had my OD apart and a tranny lately, so I guess I pictured synchro rings there with the clutch sleeve).

Hoping it is just an adjustment of the shift fork lock ball.

Pin Head, what do the worn splines look like? I have an extra TC with spare parts.
The spline wear looks like the sides of the spline are worn away where they contact the high gear dog teeth. The worn splines don't look straight.
AFAIK, there is no adjustment spec for the detent ball.
Mine did the same thing and of all things I found was the right motor mount nut had came off and when I gassed it, it would jump out of gear. I put a new nut on the mount and no trouble since. Easy fix, just a thought.
Double check your linkage adjustment. As the drivetrain sounds like it was recently reinstalled, the linkages may not be in complete adjustment. Learned this from personal experience with the same type of problem.:)
Thanks all, I will look at the linkage again. I am pulling it all to do a 4 spd swap now, so good time to look at everything. I will be reconstructing the linkage anyway.

Pinhead, I guess the lock ball just gets tightened into it's place behind the spring until it is snug? I can't remember the deal with that. I will look at the FSM on that apsect again. Also I will open up the TC to check the splines on the high speed gear.

Thanks again to the forum. It's like having a thousand friends come over and give you thier opinion.


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