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Nov 12, 2002
I read the tech articles and I still dont know the list of stuff I need and off of what and can anyone explain how to do it in dumb ass terms I think I maybe alittle sloooow :stupid: any help would be great oh yeah it's for a 350


Dec 13, 2002
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What you need is a G-1500 through G-3500 van with a 350 and TBI. That's the easiest way to go. Then you can steal the serp belt system off it at the same time. The harness on the vans is also more compact. Many have the smaller distributors with the remote coils.

Otherwise you need the throttle body with injectors. No real way to make sure they are 350 injectors unless you take them off a 350. The numbers wear right off. Make sure the IAC is on the throttle body and it's OK. If it's an unknown part you might want to rebuild the fuel pressure regulator also on the t-body. You also need the ECT, the knock sensor, the MAP, the IAT if it has one, a HEI distributor with a 6 pin module and no vacuum advance, a knock module if it's seperate, an O2, a 747 model number ECM and the right wiring harness for all the parts. You also need a 14-17 psi pump and the fuel line adapters. You will need a relay for the fuel pump and seperate dedicated fuses for the injectors.
I tried piecing the whole thing together out of scrounged parts and gave up and put a carb back on. I hate carbs and am very comfortable with FI, so it was hard for me to do. I finally got a box van with a bad frame and pulled out the whole shooting match. It was very easy from there.

Hope it helps.

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