TBI Throttle cable routing

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Oct 3, 2005
Sausalito, CA
For some one thats got 2F TBI what the best way to conect the throttle cable to the pedal and throttle boddy? The setup i have sucks.
What cable do you have? Stock GM, Lokar?
I used a cable from a TBI 2.8 Blazer, works good
Man-A-Fre and Downey both sell a gizmo that will allow you to attach the cable to the throttle body. Your accelerator pedal may (or may not) have a factory knock-out to allow connection of a throttle cable. My 60 did.
the TBI side is stock, so i used the Stock clips and stuff for that.. The Pedal Side is a Square hole maybe 1/2"x1/2" that the Cable Clips into, then the cabel runs into a hole in the pedal with a Cable Clamp on the other side.. Pretty Basic and works good.. Best part is it was like $2 at the Junkyard
Depends on which adapter plate you have. Mine (from Spaceghost) mounts the TBI backwards, so that the cable pull needs to come from the grill side of the engine compartment. I fab'd up a bracket with a pulley to redirect the cable pull. Mine runs straight from the bracket to the firewall. The pedal assembly required some reinforcement to handle the slight twisting load applied by using the square hole at the top of the pedal.

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