Tall Skinnies

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Feb 9, 2007
Boise, Idaho
Thought you-all'd like a look at the new treads.

First set of picks is from what the PO had on it when I brought it home in January. Tires are more or less 31x10.5x15 from "Big O"
Next set of pics are what I had put on this morning. Since getting the rig, we put an ALCAN 2-1/2" lift on the rear, with stock shakles and left the ?AA? reverse spring kit on the front. Bought a set of "Mr. Manny's" 16x7 U.S Wheels from Summit and had them powder coated locally. Then down to Les Scwab for the Toyo M55s in a 255/85R16 (more or less 33x10.5)

I like 'em! :grinpimp: Whaddya all think?

BTW, the old chrome 15" wheels are available, all five.
Looks good. Gotta love the skinny. I picked up a set of 35x10.5x15 that I can't wait to get mounted.
now you need a bigger lift :)

looks good!!!
I really miss Big O, I've always had a good experience with them. I use to live in Jackson, WY. and when I left I looked in or GA for Big O, but was unable to find them :-(

Great looking rig!
Powder coating was $125 for 5 bare metal wheels. I've got these same tires on my 1995 F-150 and F-350 and have had great luck with them. Now, one set of 4 chains fits all my vehicles. They are damn spendy tho!
looks great
Looks good! I'm on the fence with the skinnies, looking at Super Swawper...
We put Super Swamper 35s on this one. They worked out pretty good too!
Looks good! I'm on the fence with the skinnies, looking at Super Swawper...

Good luck - just about impossible to find any since Denman filed for bankruptcy
I've run skinnies , 9.50 and 10.50, since I got the green one in '76. No issues on the highway or on pavement, that I recall. Have to admit tho, just got Saginaw PS recently, and life is so schweeeet, I can't really remember how tough it drove before power steering.

I run these on my pickups and really like 'em.
Very nice looking setup...on both of your 40's. I really like the powdercoated 16x7's. I'm still holding out for alloys to mount 235 x 85's, but they are proving very hard to find.
Hey Trollhole,

What are dem thangs? :clap:
When I read the title I thought I was going to see something like this.


Too funny - just this past Sunday Jim and I were talking about when we ran up his mountain and over to the powerlines n 2006 - was that JPs ride? The wheel spacers made the tires seem skinnier than they were - have a pic of the tie rod he bent - but no close up of the tire size....
Jim, I like the new treads! I also like like the green one as well. Are those 35x12.5 on the green one?

Trollhole X2 on what are those? I like!

I see a set of those swampers in my future maybe

they do look skinny are they 10.5 or 12.5?

I am thinking 12 but since they are so tall look like my 33 x 10.5

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