Taking the passenger seat back off for fridge (FJC)

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Mar 22, 2006
Auburn, WA.
A week ago Friday I picked up the 43 qt ARB fridge.

It is a little to tall sitting on top of my cargobox as seen above.
I found the Engel Slide Loc while researching the fridge, and ordered one last night, it was on sale.


What I would like to do is mount it to the back of the passenger side seat back, and the fridge will go there when I am using it.
The drivers side seat back is to small, I need a footprint of about 24"x14" to mount the base.

By looking at the Engel Slide, it looks like it will mount with bolts to the surface.
Has anyone taken the seat back off, and if so is there room behind it to run bolts through?
How difficult was it taking the back off the seat?

under passenger seat..little rubber bands on a hook...un hook and the cover un zips and has easy access...I did headrest tv monitors so I had it apart and it was easy...but I don't recall if there were mounting points...so,maybe that's a little help??
I was trying to figure out the passenger seat also, I even ran out to see if the front passenger seat folded down flat....LOL, I have the same fridge sittin in my garage and will be watching this post with anticipation. :eek:
I had the info all the time.
I keep forgetting I have a wonderful source at my fingertips, the factory FSM on CD that posted several months back.

I found the correct page in the PDF file and took two snapshots within, and made two JPGs.

Looks pretty easy to tackle.


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