Taillight Wiring harness Question

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1988 Fj62
Nov 7, 2014
Monterey, Ca
I’m looking for a short some where in the rear end and it seems to be connected to this wire in the taillight harness on the left side. I’m not sure where the hell it goes or why it would be wired through the taillight.
light blue wires are designated with an 'L" the only wire I see that is L-W back there is a rear wiper motor wire but it shouldn't be powered by the R-G wire. Follow the blue wire and see what it powers. All the tail lights are powered by RG colored wires.


I thought it was weird the power would come from the taillight to power the rear wiper. It a 1988 fj62
I think these are the wires I’m looking at I the picture but don’t see where they turn red/green. When I get home I’ll pull those out of the hatch

Its coming off the left taillight Plug. If I follow it up to the rear hatch there is a red wire that connects to the hatch lock. I haven’t pulled the wires out of the hatch yet so I’ll do that when I get home.
Isn't the tailight plug inside the quarter panel when you remove the tail light housing? How come I'm seeing carpet and floor mat? I guess the side panel is out and your pulling it up inside the truck?
What is shorting? Is it a draw on the battery? I'm guessing the red/green wire running to that plug is power and I know the white/black is ground. Unplug it and check for voltage. does the R-G wire only get voltage when the taillights are on? Does the short go away when unplugged?

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