Tail light housing and assembly

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Sep 29, 2003
My tail lights are some weird replacement - cheap and they constantly give me problems (corrosion, etc). I'm thinking of going back to original.

I see that all the lights are sold by the various sources (SOR, JT etc) but I don't see that the HOUSING is available. The thing that the lenses and light assemblies live in, are inserted into. The ones on mine are not the right size to hold the original lights.

Any ideas?

'81 bj40
CCOT sells some complete units that look original, but probably aren't. They appear to be good quality, call and ask about them.
I got my replacement lights through them, ccot. I don't recommend the cheap set (they are cheap). I ended up returning the cheap ones for the "premium" lights.
From what I see at all the websites the packages contain the lights and lenses but no housing. The thing that attaches to your bumper (on late model cruisers) and has the light IN it.

I will be calling them.
Try looking at coolcruisers.com They sell a set with thw "rock guard" housing included.
Don't forget to check ebay. They have lenses for sale all the time, so I bet some of them will have the housings too. You might email one of the guys who appears to be parting out a rig and see.
Hard to believe the taillights are no longer avalable from Toyota. The Toyota truck cab chassis still comes with those lights. The harness plugs may not be the same but the housings, gaskets and lenses are the same.

anybody have a close-up picture of the CORRECT installation of original lights. Since mine have always been weird and I don't see other cruisers arond I'd like to see an extreme closeup of how it goes on.

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