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Jun 10, 2004
Portland, OR
does anyone have the tag # for the turbo for a stock 1hdt? Rebuilding the turbo.

Good find :D I just searched and couldn't find that :confused:
Haha I knew it was in the gturbo thread but I had to trawl through each page until I found it. I didn’t realise it was you that posted it until I found it. :flipoff2:
There is no tag number stamped on the turbo.

I will read through the info and thanks for the response.
There won't be any stamped numbers.

There was a few versions of the ct26, the differences are in the exhaust housing, orif you find one from a Supra, it has different compressor and housing.
Different housings have different numbers cast (not stamped) into the housing.

Any ct26, ct20 rebuild kit will fit if you're chasing small parts for a rebuild

The mellett catalogue will help identify which version you have, but the info may not be 100% reliable
Here is the Melett CHRA that I installed in my stock CT26.
Sorry for the poor picture but you can barely make out the model number in the photo.
I found it new on Ebay, and I believe it was shipped in from Poland.
I have put 2000kms on it since i put it on and no problems.
Melett is a good brand of aftermarket turbo parts.

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