SOLD Tacoma, WA 97' FZJ80-Green-No Lockers-Lots of Maintenance

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Sold this morning, 4-14-19, for the asking price for anyone researching. Thanks again all. I'll be lurking in the Tundra section... :)

I was going to just attach a Word doc but doesn't look like I can so here's my looong post.

Well I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not using my LC the way it should be used and the family needed something with more room and a little more utility. Tundra CrewMax here I come. The LC has been great, but you guys already know that. I bought it bone stock with 193k in December of 2015 and have done a lot of PM work and some modifications. It has 216k now. Hoping to find someone here on Mud that will appreciate it and use it the way it should be. Asking $9500 but I’m open to offers.

I'll get more pics up soon.

What I’ve done maintenance/parts replacement wise:
Reman Denso starter August 2017
Reman AC compressor, dryer, and recharge July 2016
Reman Denso alternator October 2017
New belts early 2016
New radiator, hoses, thermostat, and cap December 2015-can’t remember brand
OME steering stabilizer, rotor and cap, and NGK spark plugs March 2016
Aisin fan clutch blue hub w/ 10k oil April 2016
New water pump October 2018
New shocks 2017
New fuel filter July 2016
New rear brake discs, calipers (Napa remans), pads (brakes and parking), hardware, and axle seal on ds.
All small coolant hoses, spark plug gaskets in valve cover, valve cover gasket, clean throttle body, and OEM wires November 2018
PHH replaced. Bought through which comes with Breeze constant torque clamps July 2016
Distributor o ring 2018
Master window switch from Switch Doctors December 2018
AC tensioner pulley December 2018
New front lower control arm OEM bushings July 2017
Valvoline gear oil swap in both diffs and transfer case mid 2016
Regular oil changes at 3-4k miles, mostly Valvoline oil. Been using OEM filters for last year.
Brakes were bled on a few different occasions
New heater control valve 2016
New windshield washer diverter valve and Dorman sprayers 2017
New Duralast VC120 charcoal canister
PCV valve and grommet April 2017
555 tie rod ends and new tie rod adjusting rod March 2017
All four window runs and outer felts on both front doors-OEM from Beno
Transmission fluid change. Did not drop the pan or change filter. May 2016
New struts on hood and lift gate 2016

Smittybilt center console, rear heater bypass, Ford vertical oil filter adapter August 2018
Custom dual swing out rear bumper with centered tire carrier, 11lb propane tank, Sceptor 5 gal fuel can, Smittybilt farm jack, flag mount, and fold down table.
New over the frame exhaust with new cat, not expensive but functional and no issues October 2018
Bluesea dual battery set up with group 31 Duracell Ultra Platinum AGM, Slee washer bottle relocation kit, Blue Sea 5026 12 circuit fuse block March 2018
China made snorkel from Amazon January 2018
LCP gullwing access panel on DS early 2018
Viair 450c from Wit’s End late 2018
OME 851 front and 863 rear springs
Subaru WRX front seats January 2018
New Dorman window motor DS January 2019
DIY no see um bug screens for back windows-did this for ventilation while sleeping inside
UV blocker on front windshield and 24% tint on front windows, professionally done August 2017
Upgraded 1/0 (I’m pretty sure that’s the size I bought) cables all-around 2017-2018
LandTank castor correction plates July 2017
DIY roof storage rack in the back 2017
LED interior light bulbs-domes front to back
Scan Gauge 2017
Uniden 40 channel Pro510XL CB radio installed in ashtray spot
Wagongear antenna mount
Wit’s End useless cubby insert with ram mount ball
Joying Android radio w/ Bluetooth May 2016
6” Bazooka bass tube with Planet Audio 1800 watt, 5 channel amp April 2018
Blue Sea 4.8A dual usb charging port in dash 2016
Blue Sea 5026 12 circuit fuse block installed in right rear quarter panel April 2017
LandShark KISS drawers-modified for sleeping platform-can adjusted to original design fairly easily if so desired
TurningPros window visor/deflectors October 2017
Trail Gear hub locking nuts on front 2017
Interior covered with sound deadener, primed, then sprayed with Al’s bedliner *there are spots where my prep work wasn’t adequate so it is peeling on the floor area 2017
Led light installed in rear hatch
Stebel 11690019 - Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn May 2017
Hitit66 1 ¼” rear bump stop extensions-need to replace OEM bump stops because rubber is missing
ARB 60” awning bought used-in decent shape but needs something to secure the awning in the aluminum housing where the legs are to keep it from sliding out the end. Once it’s set up it’s not an issue but a little annoying during setup and breakdown.
4 Goodyear Wrangler MTR w/ Kevlar 315-75r16 January 2016
Firestik antenna with CB/AM/FM radio converter-uses the same antenna-2017?
Duiser 1” body lift spacers-aluminum January 2016
Aftermarket seat heaters installed Feb 2016
Front and rear differential breathers extended. I believe I tied in the tranny and transfer case but have to double check 2018
2 Thule bars, with a third I’ll throw in, and a Thule storage box on top. 2017

Parts I Bought But Haven’t Installed
Aisin fan
OEM extended brake lines, frame to axle, from Beno
OEM timing chain tensioner
6 OEM Toyota oil filters

Side Notes and bad stuff
No lockers, but CDL does work.
As far as I can tell from the service records provided by Toyota’s owner’s website this truck has been in WA its whole life.
Not sure if the head gasket has been done but no signs of any problems.
Comes with the original left rear sliding window
I have some miscellaneous OEM parts that have been replaced/removed
Rear washer does not work. Haven’t been able to figure out why.
Dome light over the rear seat, 2nd one, only comes on when the front right passenger door is opened or when turned on manually. Probably a ground issue in the door switch circuit but haven’t had time to dig in deeper. All door switches seem to be functioning properly.
There is a smallish area on the right rear quarter panel that looks like it came into contact with a tree or pole. PO tried to push it back out and did a crappy bondo job on the remainder. It’s never bothered me so left it as is. Small dent in front right fender where I made contact with a small tree in the snow. Oops.
Power steering leaks but doesn’t make any noise
Oil pan leaks and I’m guessing there are more small leaks but haven’t done a thorough investigation. It doesn’t drip oil on my driveway so can’t be that bad.
The green transparent plastic piece over the right blinker arrow in dash has come loose and fallen down a bit.
Right front headlight lens has a small hose from a rock impact. I filled it with silicone and no more water is getting inside.
The paint is in so-so shape with a lot of little dings/knicks but not terrible. Hood is covered with PlastiDip to cut down glare.
A few spots on the under carriage show a bit of superficial rust but nothing major. I have been using rust inhibitor paint to manage. Not much road salting goes on in this part of the state because it rarely snows.
It has an Edgestar 43 quart refrigerated cooler mounted behind the driver’s seat which I plan to remove and replace with the original seat unless the price is right. I’d love an excuse to buy a new dual zone fridge. 😊
If you don't want/need the Viair compressor we can negotiate that off the price.
The D light doesn’t work!
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If I was in the market.....

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