Tacoma diff lock

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Jan 29, 2003
MH, IDaho
A couple of questions reguarding these:

1. I don't suppose the rear is a high pinion. I was thinking for a swap to my front end of my 80. I found one with 4.10 gears for $200.

2. Could the cable locking mechanism be used on either a front or rear LC diff to eliminate the electronic portion of the electric locker? I know Downey was working on a kit to allow a cable to be used to actuate 80 series diffs when installed in 40s, 55s, 60s; but they don't show it online.

I'm one of the unlucky ones as I don't have the factory lockers. I chose vehicle condition and price vs. one with lockers.
Front have different rotation plus your steering would be in the way.
Eric, The Tacoma diff is not the same size as the 80 front TLC diff.

This link indicates Tacoma locked diffs are 8", not 8.4" like the Tacoma open diffs. Strange.

Scroll down to the second table, and see the notes in the left column.
OK obviously it won't work, which I was pretty sure of already. If it would folks would be robbing these from the boneyards and they wouldn't be so cheap. It also explains why the mini truck guys aren't going after them.

Back the actuator, anyone know if the actuator is a similiar size or bolts on to an 80 housing?
Well if the info is correct, the locked Tacoma diffs are the same size as the 80 diff. Probably not high pinion though, so tie rod placement would be an issue.

A friend in Scottsdale may be interested in the locked 3rd.
Eric, I have the Downey cable kit for the rear. I don't know if it works for the front and I think Downey doesn't know either.
Do a search on Downey cable locker as I have lots of pic on that post. If they are gone I will repost them.
Yes, Tacoma rear w/locker is the same size as the front 80 diff. They use almost all the same parts, but the gearset is reverse cut for the 80. Being fulltime 4wd and heavier than a minitruck the front diff requires the added strength of running on the drive side of the gear teeth. Minitruck owners can gain driveline clearance in the front and a stronger gear when they use it in the frontend. If used in the rear of a minitruck, you lose strength as the vehicle will be driving on the coast side of the gear. Yes, you could bolt up the taco locking diff into an 80 (w/ mods to gasket area of housing), but it wouldn't make sense to.

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