SOLD Tacoma 2nd Gen Onboard Air Set-up

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May 1, 2007
Saint Paul, MN

Firestone Onboard Air Compressor 9287 and install parts​

Purchased for and briefly used in my 2012 Toyota Tacoma, V6, double cab:

  1. Firestone 9287 Xtreme Duty direct drive air compressor can be used in any position for easy installation. 12 volt operation, features a 100 percent duty cycle, 1/4 NPT ports and a maximum air pressure of 100 psi. Rated at 23 amps.
  2. Custom bolt-in mount for above compressor, fits on 3 threaded holes in front of passenger firewall.
  3. Two brand new 30' packs of Firestone brand air tubing to use with above in red and black
  4. Not included: any air tank, air bags, fill valves, etc.
I used this compressor and mount approx 1 month but swapped it out for a smaller-sized Firestone compressor. It really exceeded my occasional needs. This compressor with mount fits under the closed hood and utilizes existing threaded holes near the front right wheel well.

All for $180 OBO
Local pick up preferred from Minneapolis area, but I will consider shipping for additional costs.

Compressor & mount1.jpg
Compressor & mount2.jpg
Compressor label.jpg

Cash or Venmo only, please
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