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Feb 26, 2011
I have put in a TPI 8 cyl into my FJ60. I want to use the original tach and I know the signal from the 8 cyl. distrib. will have to be converted to work with the 6 cyl tach. I found the dakota converter, but it is hard to spend another $85 on a converter, but another tach is closer to $100 for the auto meter one that slips in to the dash in place of the stock one...
Does any one know if the stock FJ60 tach is adjustable? Is there a tiny screw on the back of the tach? I was hoping I could hook up my remote tach gauge and adjust the stock tach somehow, or use a resistor or potential meter or ??? Looking for a cheaper way of keeping this stock tach...any ideas??? :rolleyes:

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