TAC Meeting Sat Apr 23rd


Feb 23, 2013
Greetings from a fellow Toyota Wheeling Enthusiast!

We are having our annual meeting in a couple of weeks and the main topic of discussion will be to finalize some of the details regarding the move of our annual Fall Crawl event to a new location.

We throughly enjoyed having the Tall Corn Cruisers join us at SMORR last year but regrettably SMORR will not be an option for this year. I am putting together a fabulous presentation of our options for this year and if anybody wants to venture down this way you are welcome to join us.

More details can be found here: 2106 Annual Meeting Sat Apr 23rd

We are a very family oriented group and enjoy wheeling with any like minded individuals or families. This is not implying that we are teetotalers but just that we know when to say when as well as to respect the common courtesies around children.

Hope to see some of you soon. RobKC

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