T100 - Resealing used 5VZ

Jan 17, 2009
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Hey guys ! So I recently picked up this very nice 97 T100 with a cracked head. I found a good used engine to drop in.. here’s my question: I’m loosely planning on replacing some oil seals before I drop her in. It’s down to basically the long block at this point. I plan on replacing valve cover seals, rear main (because it’s leaking), and oil pan FIPG because I have to swap pans over. Also gonna do a T belt kit and water pump for good measure.

1. Is there anything else I should consider while I’m in there ? I am trying to keep a tight budget because I picked the truck up for super cheap and the engine too.

2. Can I reuse the upper and lower plenum and exhaust manifold gaskets?

3. it worth using OEM seals and gaskets? I found a complete engine seal and gasket kit for ~$250. If I peice the OE gaskets together it comes out ^^> $$$.

4. What’s the deal with the oil cooler? Someone said replace it if it’s been overheated but they are like 600$ +. Any other options to keep it if? Or maybe use a bypass to an aftermarket cooler?

Any suggestions or guidance would be awesome ! 🤙🏼🤙🏼



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May 27, 2011
South MS
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I used these guys to get my 3rz in the road ASAP. Valves, seals, and related gaskets at my house the next day and I’m out in the woods. It’s got 20000+ miles on the head rebuild since and is still holding together. I’d have preferred OEM but price point and the fact I was in a pinch swayed me.


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