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Aug 27, 2006
I figured a new thread was needed since the last one(s) got pretty side-tracked.

I was under the impression the logo request was primarily for t-shirts. So instead of re-branding the HDC completely Molly has designed a t-shirt for us. The TEQ Zia could be printed on the breast of the shirt (I like the idea of it being centered.) Molly tried to design it so that the printing process would not be too involved (should be less $.) This is not the final design so if there is something missing from the design get your requests in!

i like it.
i like the angle looking slightly up at the cruiser.
suggestions- can she skew the cruiser to the side, somewhat like the old design, but keep the low view angle. then- instead of the liscense plate w/ HDC, just put across the bottom:

High Desert Cruisers
Albuquerque, NM or even just: "New mexico, USA" below the HDC line

i also like the thought of less colors (much cheaper for shirts, etc). maybe just red for the cruiser(shows well on the darker color fabrics) and yellow Zia suns. black lettering. our current logo has 5 colors.

what does everyone else think? let's discuss and get a general consensus, then Rory can go to Molly with the final suggestions. agreed?

and thank her again for us. the teq sun is cool!
Awesome design. I really like it. Depending on the $$ we want to spend, this would even look good in black on a gray shirt. It is simple, graphic and cheap! Thanks for putting in the time for this.
Great job Molly...even though your husband is going to get rid of the cruiser....


I like the simplicity, the specificity of geography.

I too would like to see more truck....

Maybe an 80 series (probably the dominant rig in our club these days)?
... this would even look good in black on a gray shirt.

I like the black on gray idea. Simple. Agree with the rest. More side on the truck. I really like the Zia TEQ.
Thanks for the comments.

If you want to see more of the truck start posting the photos. This photo had the best contrast, if you can find a better one with the preferred angle post it up!

Colors = money. Why do you need to be so flashy Shawn?

So if we spell out HDC should we keep or delete the plate? (Again this is the t-shirt design, not a club logo.)
I like the idea! I agree to turn the Cruiser a bit to see the side. I don't see any reason that it could not be a new logo. As far as color to add, what about a yellow background and a red Zia just like the NM flag? The logo could be circled around the Zia with the HDC, New Mexico, USA (or whatever) around the border. I think the yellow and red would stand out against a black or grey shirt. If we keep the Cruiser black like it is, that would stand out against the yellow backgound. Just a thought. Nice job Molly. Plus the TEQ would be red like Toyota, but a yellow background also (for our little part of the world).
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i like color, but was thinking after i posted that, it opens a color can of worms. if the truck is color, then what about the bezel, the rims, the lights. just black is fine with me too. it should show against tan, olive, etc. we can even make it plain white for black, navy shirts.

if we write out the HDC and NM, USA, then i say drop the plate. i like having it spelled out, because we will wear these at events where people may not know what the initials mean. i will help search for a side angle shot with contrast.
I really like the design, I would prefer a solid color, like black, so that it can be put on nearly any color shirt, or we could use the negative for a black shirt. I also think it should stay a 40.

I'm with Shawn on spelling the state out, something like

High Desert Cruisers
New Mexico, USA

Would any of these work?

No good background to contrast with, but I'd bet someone could photoshop them out or something. I'd go pull the 40 out and get some good shots of those angles against the sky or something, but a pile of parts, a frame, and a tub on sawhorses aren't too conducive to good pictures.

I've got high quality versions of those pics if you need them, BTW.

logo maybe.jpg
logo maybe 2.jpg
logo maybe 3.jpg
Pic # 3 I think would be awesome with some Photoshop work to get rid of everything but the truck.

If we can keep each graphic to one color, I think that would be best for cost and durability. I know that the successive multiple colors applied on my existing shirt are peeling off the base or first color. So either keep both graphics the same color or make each one a different color. But don't mix colors within the same graphic. That complicates the screen fabrication process and reduces the adhesion of the inks applied after the first layer. I think I really like just plain old black, front and back.

I concur with Shawn and Ron on text below the graphic -

High Desert Cruisers
New Mexico USA
I really like what I'm seeing here.
definitely pic#3 for me. only change would be using the older style bezel, i.e.-rounded ends and thicker top line, like Molly's first draft at top.
I think it's infriggingcredible just like it is. The only thing I would add is hdcruisers.org at the bottom. I'd also like about a 6" square or round yellow bumper (window) sticker with red zia and teq...
Actually I think it looks a touch bowlegged the way it is, otherwise it's great...
I think it's infriggingcredible just like it is. The only thing I would add is hdcruisers.org at the bottom. I'd also like about a 6" square or round yellow bumper (window) sticker with red zia and teq...

What about a just a black and white version for the shirts and a bit of color for stickers. Sorry for my poor coloring job (the other PC is just about craped out and that is where my good software is). Just to help with a visual idea about yellow and red for the NM reference.
From what I saw it will be worth the wait.

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