t-max (integrated solenoid) on ARB winch bumper

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Oct 5, 2005
Is this a straight fit, or does the integrated solenoid cause clearance problems? I'd like to hear experiences on the install or see pics....I'm looking at EW-10000 or EW-12000.

I searched the forums, but probably missed a posting that may have addressed this.
thanks, Eric
Integrated solenoids do not fit in ARB's without cutting. You may also have to cut on the grill and valence, depending on how far in the winch is mounted.
Reviving an old thread. I got a heck of a deal on one of these winches and would sure like to use it. Has anyone been able to fit this winch into an ARB and if so, what was necessary exactly to make it fit. Pics would be awesome. Thanks.
I have the t-max 12,500 but it's not the integrated solenoid one. Even on that one i had to use about 3 washers to space the winch off the face of the ARB enough to clear where the ARB starts to tuck back towards the lights. The ends of the winch were mashing into the bumper. With the spacers (washers) it fit perfectly. Again, that's not the integrated one.
Thanks for that. Yeah, I am dealing with the integrated one. Actually if someone has experience making any integrated one work, that would help.

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