T-Case Advice Sought.

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Jun 19, 2017
While completing a transfer case replacement, taking the split case transfer case from a 62 for a sixty, we began to button up the bolts to Mr. T’s recommended specs. We were able to bolt up the lock nut for the rear output shaft, and the output shaft could be moved easily by hand. When we bolted up the input shaft lock nut, however, the output shaft became increasingly difficult to spin and required a great deal of force, using a pipe wrench, to get the output shaft to spin.

Question is whether this is normal or if the output shaft should be easily spinnable by hand after specking the lock nuts?

Thanks in advance.
Make sure the transfer case is in neutral.

The rotating friction of the transfer output shaft (preload) should still be according to spec after the input shaft lock but is torqued. It shouldn't change it.
As OSS alluded to, sounds like it could be a shim issue. Check the FSM, make sure you have the correct shim to get a preload within spec
Thank you guys for your input, and I have found part of the problem.

Though we were not able to even get to the preload portion on this procedure, we took apart the T-Case for the 4th time. What we found was that the input shaft gear from the 62, when mated into its own casing on the 60 transmission, was tapered and thus, when bolted down the lock-nut, did not stop at the expected location. It was in fact pushed up to the input shaft bearing housed in the tranny! What was making the output shaft so difficult to move was the input shaft gear grinding on the casing!

Had we installed the combo to the vehicle, we would have had catastrophic repercussions! We plan on ordering a new input shaft gear that is not tapered and hope that it sits ever so perfectly, so we can attach the lock-nuts and still have smooth spinning of the output shaft when buttoned up.

It is my hope that someone can learn from this mistake.

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