T-Case 2/4 Selector Sleeve Not Fully Disengaging

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Jan 27, 2009
On my 79 FJ40, when i take it out of 2wd now, the front drive shaft doesn't fully disengage. It grabs every other rotation like and makes a terrible clunking where it isn't catching. If i put it in 4wd, it doesn't make any noise and acts right. I am wondering if there is a way to adjust/replace the sleeve or if it may be something in the shifter? Any help would be amazing, driving around in 4wd around town isn't too fun with no power steering
I would take the front drive shifter off the nose cone and see what is going on inside...

Make sure the front drive coupler looks like this:


Hey thanks for the help. As i was under it and about to just go ahead and put in a whole other trans and tcase I had sitting around, I decided to check my auto warn hubs. Sure enough, one was busted inside and was barely catching every rotation. Glad I checked first

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