t/c spring -- what for ??

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Jan 19, 2003
I'm just completing the rebuild of my 3-speed transfer
case. My shop manual and Haynes show a spring near
the transmission shaft seal but I can't find the spring
nor do I know where it goes. Can anybody tell me what
this spring is? I hate leaving parts out!
OK, I'll answer my own question for the archives.

The tech support guys at Specter got back to me.
The spring was used on all t/c between the t/c and the
three-speed transmissions for those who had column
shifts. The spring went right where the shift fork shaft
was on the tranny. Evidently most of these springs are
long gone and nobody bothers with them. Since I still
have column shift I might put one back (if I can find one).

I bet that it helps when you are trying to get the tranny
into neutral.
I looked in the Land Cruiser Chassis and Body manual to see what they said about it. Well, it's there, a different view than the schematic from SOR, but its just floating out there by that oil seal by the TC. I couldn't find any mention of it in the assembly instructions. I can't recall using it in my assembly (but who knows). [I, too, have a column shift]. If I recall correctly, the shift fork shaft just comes out to the rear of the transmission. It is flush, and I don't think it moves. So I don't know how the spring will work. Let me know if it makes a difference!
I am test fitting my tranny and transfer together now and have
a new theory about the little spring. The rear output bearing
on the 3-speed tranny just seems to float at the rear end of the
case -- nothing much holds it in place. Perhaps the role of the
spring is to keep the bearing pushed back into the tranny.

In any case, SOR does not sell it, and they don't think I need
to worry about it.
makes sense to me. i've not missed mine. (but what you don't know can't hurt you, right?)

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