T-100 rear bumper build

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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
Dan was kind enough to allow me to play with his truck and I have been designing a new bumper for the rear. So far, the idea is going well and I am just waiting for the approval of the latest changes and creations I have come up with.
Dan's requests have been a 6" step ( a bit more than I usually like but he is the boss), a class 5 equivalent, hitch, and sadly no swing outs :crybaby:.
I'll see if he likes the final suggestions, if not then we'll revise it a bit, but overall, this is the idea of it.

T100 rear bumper 1.jpg

T100 rear bumper 2.jpg

T100 rear bumper 3.jpg
I like the chain slots on both sides of the receiver.
My only concern with that style hook is the possibility of the chain coming out during a launch through a water bar/ large pot hole. I've had my trailer air born more than once. I highly doubt it would ever happen...
I was wondering about that as well, but it has worked in the commercial industry for ages, and is approved by CVSE sicne it is used in commercial applications. I've tried bumping, and even removing chain from one of those slots before, you actually have to try.
I think my google skills are lacking, I can't seem to find any relevant info on that setup

I checked on both CVSE & the motor vehicle act and all I could find was the requirement for a chain or cable. Hell, I didn't even see anything stating the minimum load capacity of the cable or chain. :meh:
I have those slots on the back of my 26,000 gvw flat deck. so yes they will pass cvse !
there you go.
It's OK, after talking to Dan and presenting him with the layout, we decided to change a couple small things, one of which was that. Next bumper maybe.
I'll be posting some more stuff a bit later on.
Is it done yet? Is it done yet?? .. . how about now?

Mat's been very patient and really took my description to an awesome design - I would have gone with all the options suggested but this is simply a hook up and tow bumper for a rig that won't see much off road.

As far as the chain stay's - I'm hooking on to different folks trailers all the time to yank them out of storage and too many different sizes so hooks it is..

Can't wait to mount it up Mat - thanks for the great images.

Well the build is finished, after a couple small issues with clearance, everything got worked out and powder coated. The bumper is finished and 2 of the most important factors have been achieved:
1 - the customer is very happy
2 - the build was done to the high standards that I have and will meet and exceed all the requirements it was designed for.

20120726_171421 small.jpg

20120726_171430 small.jpg

20120726_171441 small.jpg
Looks great! (Love the Trail Proven plaque!)
Thanks Rob, I figured that would have been a good finishing touch.
Normally, I would have built the bumper to be a bit tighter to the truck, but Dan wanted a good sized step, and he apparently is not going to be seriously wheeling that truck, so adding a couple inches and sacrificing a couple degrees of departure was preferred.

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