t 100 driveshaft

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Aug 5, 2003
Abingdon Va.
one short Question for those of you in the know. Will a front drive shaft out of a newer model t 100 work for a c v shaft for a 40? I just saw one earler today and it looked like it would work (with a little modifing of corse)thought someone here would know. Can not seem to find older mini truck one around here. Billy Thanks for a great site!
If all you're after is the double cardan joint then any minitruck shaft will work, but you may have to do a little modifying of the flange. The DC joints out of the solid axle trucks have a higher operating angle than the DC joints from the IFS mini trucks. If you didn't want to drill the flange on the DC joint I think you could probably swap your 40 flanges onto the minitruck shaft and away you go (can someone confirm this?). I got lucky and the mini truck flange on the DC joint actually bolted up to the output flange on my 40 and 60 transfer case. Sorry, I don't know what year the shaft was from.

You can also get a front shaft out of an fj60, as well.
Blue is right. I drilled my pinion flanges for new pattern, I'm using different ends on my d/shafts due to my setup. I think Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters, along with a few others ( Bobby Long? ) have pre drilled flanges for sale, that have all the patterns drilled in them. Seems they were around $35.00 each. At the time I did mine, I had access to a nice maint dept, thats why I drilled my own. Hth, Al ps- I was talking pinion flanges, your talking where it mates to the drum brake?

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