Syncro's & Circlips

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what do you mean by "put it back together"?
Jun 27, 2013
Madison, MS
i'm told Toyota doesn't make syncro's for 1st gear anymore. Any idea where I can get one or an alternative? Also I figured the outer snap rings and cir clips would just be in a small parts kit but no dice. I'm having a hard time finding toyota parts numbers for these (the ones that hold the bearings) and wondered if anyone knew.

Thanks in advance.

(78 fj40 4 speed)
I asked Georg, he didn't know off hand. Found the circlips and rings but not first gear Syncros. Any suggestions appreciated, Georg suggested I call Marlin too and I'll do that tomorrow.
If it is any help most transmission shops here in Aus can still get full synchro kits (they are even advertised on
Thank you. I've seen some on the AU eBay but the only current one for an fj40 didn't indicate which syncro it was for. I'll keep looking but surely mine isn't the only 1st gear synchro to go out, hopefully we will have more options I'm the future.

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