For Sale Sydney, Australia: Set of 4 BFGoodrich All terrain 35x12.50R15 tyres

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Dec 29, 2022
I have a set of 4 near-new BFGoodrich All-terrain 35x12.50R15 tyres for sale. There's just over 4,000km of mainly road driving on them, there's no damage, and there's barely any wear to the tread. They've been lovingly wrapped up by the tyre shop.

There's pics of the tyres on the vehicle just before removal and as a neatly stacked pile, and one of the tread as well.

Pickup only from the inner west of Sydney. Make an offer, but don't play lowball games - these cost close to $1,800 a few months ago.

Thanks for looking.

tyres 01.jpg

tyres 02.jpg

tyres 03a.jpg

tyres 04.jpg

tyres 05.jpg

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