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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
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Well this weekend is my first oil change. It seems wierd but I did my birfs before changing the oil. Hope that this is not a pattern. ::)

Anyway I also need to do the usual grease operations for the drive shafts and u-joints. With all the talk of cleaning out old grease before using new grease (re: birfs), it's hard to apply to the greasing axles and u-joints. Should I just stay with dino MP grease (assuming that's what the dealer would use) or should I switch to good synth stuff (even if that means mixing grease in these areas).

In short - what type of grease should I use given I can't clean out the old? ???



p.s. any word when Junk is due back?
Aug 8, 2003
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Be sure to read labels, but I use Mobil 1 in the drive shafts and it's compatible with dino. However, it would be a good idea to grease the shafts twice in quick succession - maybe a few weeks apart - to better flush out the dino. You should pump the grease right through the joint as that's how it is designed. There is no provision to remove the old stuff except to pump it through. Pump until the air quits "crackling" out of the seals and you're seeing just new stuff coming out. You CAN damage the seals by pumping too fast and dislodging the seals. I've never seen it done, however.

For the truly anal, here's what I do. The first 3 pumps or so, I pump with a hard stroke to try and dislodge the grease evenly out of all seals. If you go very slow at first, one seal will always be slightly 'looser' than the others and ALL the fresh grease will tend to go out that one with the result that often no grease will come out the others. A quick burst tends to break them all loose simultaneously. Ah yes, the subtleties of greasing...

When pumping into the grease fittings that feed the splines, stop when the shaft begins to elongate. Immediately stop. You're generating enormous force hydraulically even with a hand pump, so stop.


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