Switching Front and Rear Diff U-joint Flanges

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Nov 3, 2002
Are the front and rear differential propellor shart companion flanges interchangable?

I rebuilt two 3rd members (Both ARB Full Floaters, did not replace Ring and pinion), and after installing 3rd members and axles, I realized that I swapped the Front 3rd member to the rear and visa-verce....

Was in process of installing drive shafts when it all became very clear...

The front shaft has a smaller u-joint flange than the rear...

This should be as simple as reversing the flanges on the 3rd members, or am I missing something...

I have seen somewhere on the web about making plates to allow for the different sizes to mate.... is this practical and now that I have scr*wed up, is this something to consider?
The flanges should interchange as long as the pinions are both coarse splines.
Yes, both are coarse spline and swapped out no big deal... I had hoped this would be the case, but I needed psychological reassurance...



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