Sweet new 40 series R/C from Tamiya

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Nov 15, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Very cool, but I think I will use the $500.00 on my own FJ40. Maybe I can put it on my Christmas list this year? I can hear the better half now "Are you crazy"?
That looks awesome. I've been wanting to get an R/C Rockcrawler.

Tower Hobbies has it for $318.98 shipped with the $20 coupon.

Very tempting.....
RC's are crazy expensive! My son and I have two Nitro Rustlers that cost quite a bit to keep up. They run on nitro methane fuel and go about 50 MPH. THey are a blast!
Brings back memories of the 80's. My Kyosho javelin....that was awesome.

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