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Jive Turkey
Sep 28, 2008
Stony Plain,AB
Notes from our club meeting. Please respond in the Oil Country Section. Hope to see you there

Here is what you missed.

1.Scouting trip to the Caroline / Rocky area to take place in Oct 12,13,14 to find a winter event area and trails.Weather pending for camping.Exploratory run so if you plan on attending plan on turning around a lot and hope for success but you never know.

1.(b) Tentative date for winter event was Family day long weekend in February

2.Possible name was Sweet Caroline Winter Run but open to suggestions

3. Leo was voted in for swag man again ( as per club bylaw if you aren't there the job is yours, also looking forward to your presidency, this other guy is a tyrant( get it ,TYrant Bahaaa!!))

4. Salmon has just realized after several years that meetings start at 6:30 not 7:30. Eating by himself every time wasn't a big enough clue

5. Trail suggestions are more than welcome, I know some of you have been down there a few times

6. The Canadian Brewhouse was a bad choice, LOUD and packed. The I's will be spoken too...

****The more sponsors the better. Our trips have been very successful due to the generosity of our sponsors. We are hoping that the club as a whole can utilize any resources possible to generate raffle swag and help make another great event****

Sponsor suggestions- Your Mama, vendors you use at work, vendors that you may be using for parts right now ie: Cruiser Outfitters, Dan @ 4wheel has always been good, etc. The home made prizes were a great idea, 1 per person and time is on your side .

I would suggest posting who you plan on contacting for swag to avoid bombarding certain people.

Once we have established a plan and trails we will determine pricing and our lodging
Sep 13, 2004
Red Deer, Alberta
I can point you into some trails, I'll unfortunately be at work during this time. I will be scouting a trail I've always wanted to try on the quad next weekend. Due to a lot of the hills and logging in the Caroline area they are either too steep to do in the winter or no longer in existence. We have our Christmas tree run trail that is a 2 part trail that is pretty easy that would be a decent trail to do. I'll get back to you with my findings after next weekend.

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