Sweet Armored 100 series on ebay

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    Specially protected off road vehicles Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ105L ? GCMRK, left hand drive Year of construction: 2003, Year of model: 2004,
    -Engine: 1 FZ-FE, petrol, 4476 cubic centimetres, 6 cylinders, 164 KW/ 224 HP.
    -Transmission: 5 speed, manual gearbox,
    -Total number of seats: 10 (front: 1+2; rear: 3; load space: 2 x 2 emergency seats)
    - Seat covers: vinyl
    - Total number of doors: 5; rear doors: sideways opening swing doors
    - Dimensions: L 4,890 mm; W 1,940 mm; H 1,990 mm
    - Wheel base: 2,850 mm - Brakes system: front, disc brakes; rear, drum brakes
    - Weight of vehicle with standard fittings: ca. 3,700 kg
    - Permissible total weight: 4,500 kg
    - Tyres: FULDA LT 235/85/R16 Tramp 4x4 Tour, 5 wheels with 16? steel rims
    - Colour: white
    - Country of origin: Japan Vehicles equipped with B6 armour plating according to the following description:
    - Use of ballistic steel armour plating for splash back, side surfaces, passenger compartment entry/exit doors and tailgates -
    - Use of ballistic steel for armour plating of roof with protection against 2 DM 51 type hand grenades
    - Use of ballistic steel for internal under floor armour plating with protection against 2 DM 51 type hand grenades
    - 39 mm PC clear glass, with exception of side windows to loading area. These are made using standard glass and enamelled in black, due to comprehensive armour plating behind the glass in the loading area.
    - Splinter protection on all doors
    - Ballistic protected tank and spare tank
    - All joints and moving parts manufactured in overlapping format The vehicles have the following standard fittings:
    - Manually adjusted air conditioning system,
    - Radio CD,
    - Toughened door hinges, adjusted to the weight of the armour plated doors,
    - New door panel components, adjusted to the armour plating,
    - All windows, with exception of the side windows on the loading area are in clear glass,
    - Electrically operated windows on front door, driver?s side,
    - Heated front windscreen and windows in tailgates
    - Second battery with load relay and isolation switch for starting on malfunctioning of first battery,
    - Central locking with remote control, engine immobiliser and alarm system,
    - Tyres adjusted to the excess weight and equipped with emergency running tyre system including spare wheel, all wheels steel rimmed,
    - Use of new, stronger springs and gas filled shock absorbers to improve drive comfort
    - Intercom / PA system with 2 microphones in door mirrors and a loud speaker in the engine bay,
    - Alarm siren in the engine bay,
    - 2 antennas mounted on the roof, with pre-wiring up to dashboard (VHF/GSM antenna)
    - 1 first aid box and warning triangle per vehicle
    - 1 car jack with well stocked tool box in separate aluminium box per vehicle
    - 1 hand held 1 kg fire extinguisher for internal space
    - 4 rubber foot mats (2 x front, 2x rear)
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    Jan 19, 2005
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    I neeeeed one of those.

    Needs gun ports, and pop-up top with scope/laser mounted mini-gun. With grenade launchers for smoke, incendiary & frags....Then were in business.

    Besides it truly is the attention to detail that makes the LC the vehicle it is.


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    Jan 24, 2006
    Windows are gun ports in the city..........;)
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