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Sep 8, 2003
13Sep2003 (UTC -7)

Check out this 25MB movie of almost stock vehicles out wheelin'. The Toyota LWBs sure make it look much easier than the Suzuki's can. :)
Junk will hate this.
The **white** TLC had the smoothest ride up that section of trail :D.
Great little video. Must have come from UK, hence the right-hand drive. Do you know where it was made?
looks like from down under.
14Sep2003 (UTC -7)

[quote author=ELLTEE link=board=2;threadid=5257;start=msg41155#msg41155 date=1063568979]
(...)Must have come from UK, hence the right-hand drive. Do you know where it was made?

Nope, but I reckon it's Aussie. They look more cheerful and enthusiastic than if they were Brits. :D
Interesting that the suspension flex and complience of the 80's made it look easy, and the poor Suzuki's really had to work. I think this shows the advantage of coils vs. leafs, not long vs. short. Of course, no one was locked(see all the wheel spin?) which would have made a huge difference. Thanks for sharing Drexx.
Ambo doors there, we call them barn doors,a nd all 80 DX [base model poverty pack units] and DX 100 series come with the barn doors.

And yes, that vid is in NSW Aus, near Sydney.
I have seen bumpier driveways! :flipoff2:
They couldnt be too bumpy, or how would they get their trailers into the trailer park where you live :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2:

Or are you in the only trailer with swampers and a 10" lift :D :p ;)
I live in Georgia...where the official state motto is:

"Lift it and go muddin boy!"

Kewl video. Pretty funny watching the Hyundai on pizza cutter street tires getting pulled loose uphill by a stockish Suzuki.

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