swapping rubber for stainless fuel lines

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May 3, 2004
So, my FJ40 started smelling of raw fuel this afternoon on my way to the office.
Its looking like the spaghetti mess of fuel lines near the filler neck -those that connect to the vapor separator, are leaking. So, I guess it's time to replace those.
Thinking about this, perhaps I should replace all of the fuel lines.

I am thinking of replacing them all with a combination of hard stainless, and braided stainless coupled with AN fittings.

Would this be worth the time money and energy required or would I be putting a racing saddle on a mule?
If you do decide to go braided stainless, be aware that a lot of cheapo braided stainless is not rated for extended usage in today's fuel systems. Due to the amount of ethanol in today's gas, you'll end up with the rubber inside of the braided stainless getting broken down and causing lots of problems in your carb. It's difficult to monitor this, if/when it happens since, the rubber is not easily accessible inside of the braided steel hose. Most folks do it for looks, not understanding how it'll affect longevity.

If you're set on getting braided, you'll need to find hose that has a teflon core line, but be warned, that it is not cheap!
I was thinking about rpelacing the hard steel lines with hard stainless steel lines, then for the transitions where the rubber lines are located (tub to frame, frame to fuel pump, etc) run the stainless braided lines. In that situation I don't think I'd need very many feet of it.
I am going to do mine with rubber, probably do the fuel injection certified stuff suppose to last a lot longer especially at the much lower to no pressure or a non fuel injected system. A good quality rubber line with grommets where it goes through metal will probably last many decades, the first set did.
Waste of money in my PERSONAL opinion. If you were running a fuel injected setup it would be more justifiable.

It will get fuel injection eventually....
I've got about 60% of the parts...

I'm focusing on doing the spring over now, though.

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