Swapping a VW into a 1st gen IFS 4 runner

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I've heard of folks using Gen3 switches in Gen1 4R. FYI, the Gen1 switch is still available from Toyota.
Awesome. Good to know I can find a replacement if this one dies.
Service bulletin: when you install all new charge pipes, hose connectors and t bolt clamps retorque at 100 miles and again at 500 miles. Seems if you don't your rig will wait until the coldest morning to date this season to blow off a connector. And obviously this will happen during your morning commute. If you want to know what your rig would run like if it had a 5hp Briggs motor, try it with a charge pipe disconnected on your diesel swapped rig.

Why I took the time to retorque all my coolant hose clamps but not my charge pipes I'd beyond me.

Also, the 4.30 gears continue to impress with a much happier torque range rpm at 35 mph and 45 mph posted speed limits. When cruising at 65 to 70 mph I'm around 2500 rpms with plenty of power to accelerate to pass without down shifting. She's geared well enough to ride 80 but the high center of gravity paired with crappy roads keeps me at 65 to 70 unless there is zero traffic and I'm on a long straight stretch of road. The high speed maneuvering of this rig feels like it might result in barrel roll and I don't want to do any Rusty Wallace impersonations.

Playing with gear ratio calculators I feel like a 6l80e with 4.88s would give the best on and off road performance and economy but untill I come into some serious cash I think I'm going to hang with what I have.
My IAT were a little hotter than I'd like. I was hitting maintaining 120 to 150 on a 70 degree day. My 7.3 excursion stays 70 on a 70 degree day.

Added a 6 inch electric fan and air scoop to the skid plate. Lowered it 20 to 50 degrees overall.

I purchased a few other intercoolers I'm going to play with to try to get the IAT closer to ambient temps without the use of a fan and I'll post updates.

Still getting around 23 mpg. Hit almost 25 after getting the IAT down a bit, will need to run a few more tanks to see if it was just a fluke or if the cooler intake air really helps mpg. I was really hoping for 30 mpg with this swap but seems this lift, tires and bumpers are making that goal difficult

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