swaping'77 axels into the '74 fj40 (1 Viewer)

Sep 22, 2007
I got the idea that I'd put a detroit in the rear with 4.88's and remove the lockrite from the '74 rear and put it in the rebuilt '77 front and slide the two "new" axels under the '74 fj40 . Unfortunately I hadn't bargined on the whole "can't slide the pin out of the detroit to access the c clip " thing . As the third is sitting , it just needs the axels slid in and the c clips installed . I'v tried to clearance the pin and ground it down in place (covered up the diff internals like a surgery underway) and am able to get it half way up the ring gear , but , seeing what some others have done , I'm thinking that the fight with the pin has just started . Should I just start over and pull it all apart and remove the ring gear so I can modify the pin ? :bang:

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