Swap Meet at the Meeting?

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Dec 15, 2005
Whitinsville, MA
I know that at there was talk about having a swap meet for the last Fall Gathering. The thought of every body dragging all their parts along where people may not have any interest how about listing what you got and if someone has interest they can bring it up to the spring meeting. I personally don't have much but wouldn't mind seeing what everyone else has luring in their garage. :D

I do have the following that I would let go cheap.
Fiberglass Bib (small hole drilled in the upper left corner)
FJ62 Springs front and rear.
FJ62 Rear axle housing
FJ62 Rear axle shaft (long)
FJ40 Rear axle housing (no spring perches)
Hi Leaping Deer, I would be grateful if you could bring one of the steering gear box, just pick the best one???

I will make it there in one truck or another. Still working out issues on my FJ40.

Dont really know what I have aquired in my bulk purchase...gotta hold on to everything for now and see what I dont need for the other project rig.
Poly gas tank (fj40)
front heater parts
lots of little parts
fiberglass for a hardtop
bunch of stuff will be laying around.
4Runner leafs

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I have tons of parts
- (3) 4 speed tranny/transfer
- 5 sets axles from drum brake fronts to disc brake 3.70 fj40 axles
- new drum brake shoes/drums/wheel cylinders/backing plates for front off 75 fj40
- some diesel stuff
-fj55 springs
-complete 75 hardtop
try me and I might have it
-new mark'sv8 adapter with new centerforce clutch and pp,ground flywheel
-fj40to v8 motor mounts
-fj60 to v8 motor mounts

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