Swap alternatives for under powered 2H HJ60

Jan 7, 2019
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Forum Newbie here. Came to the forum to ask another question and saw this topic. I have an 82ish HJ60 with the 2H with an aftermarket turbo.

One thing that hasn't been answered here is: Have you checked the exhaust system? Many people concentrate on getting air INTO the motor and completely forget that is also has to GET OUT! This is especially so on these motors. I specially built a 3" free flowing system that is both quiet and minimal restriction.

FYI, I fitted the turbo about 150,000kms ago (12 years) and it is still going fine. The engine has not really missed a beat, but I look after it.

I don't have an EGT, instead rely on feel and what I'm doing...ie towing? Empty? Headwind? Slope blah blah.

What I DO have is other gauges, the main 2 I use are boost pressure and oil temp. Also, I am well in tune with the motor and listen for the fan spooling up and down. Add in the monitoring of boost and oil temp and I have a good feel for what stress is on the engine. For constant highway use I can settle into about 5psi boost without stressing things too much. This equates to fairly easy 100km/h speed but of course this varies with other factors. I have actually found that there is a sweet spot with this turbo just on 2500rpm. There is a noticeable improvement in general performance on hitting that.

If towing my 1500kg special van, the cruising speed for abiding by most of the above is 85-90km/h. But if I see a hill coming I'll crank things up a bit and try to arrive at the start of the climb at the sweet spot already in 4th. I probably should also say I have a later model 5 speed box in my girl.

I'm not saying she's a rocket, she isn't. But the improvement in performance from standard was remarkable and for what I use her for, is more than adequate. The one thing I love about my old girl is that I can fix everything anywhere. Well...I guess that's a fib if there's a major electircal fault like alternator knocked off block by conrod! But you get the idea. Old fashioned means old fashioned fixing. I too have contemplated fitting a better motor, but economics and this factor keep me staying with what I know and am mostly happy with. I also don't mind going down tracks with overhanging branches etc....that I would hate doing to something new and wizzy!

cheers, Honka

PS and why "Honka". I don't have a vacuum pump on my alternator. I have an electrically driven system that runs on demand. Sounds a bit like an old-fashioned "Honk" doing the short runs it does to bring vac back down.
Thanks Honka for your reply,

I have built 2.5" exhaust system with a free-flow with a resonator. ON606 engine in here quite common and I can find easily. So, I decided to install a simple turbo setup to see how it will change the performance and comfort. If something has gone wrong with the turbo, I will swap with OM606.

I also think same with you oil temperature is an important measurement.

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