Swamper LTB good deal/bad choice

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Sep 28, 2004
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
I am looking at some 34x10.5 swamper LTBs for my 62. Boy, these are cheap! Are they any good??? Why are they only $120 a tire? Is this a good deal, or another-- you get what you pay for........ Is this a 20,000 mile tire?
20,000... good luck. I got about 12K out of mine. My understanding is that they're softer than the other TSLs. They did very well for me on the trail.

Made in India I believe, And actually use real rubber from a rubber tree.

Good traction but will probably wear fast as most swampers do.

If you rotate your tires a lot and keep them inflated they will last longer.
I have a friend with those tires in a a Samuray but you know the weigh of those cars .. not compared with yor TLC ..

Tjose tires have a lots of traction .. I thought ( and see ) is a really good tires for mud .. but not for a DD
I just bought a set of 5 on black steelies simply for off road. Cheap tires, but They will only see OR use, I am not expecting to get more than 15k overall, with hard use. Bias ply?
Theoretically, siping makes any tire last longer. Had it done to my BFG MTRs & it made them much better in the snow. Too early to tell if it helps longevity.
Again, the longevity of these tires really depends on how much air you run in them and how often you rotate..

BAlance is another issue. They will flat spot somethin crazy..
$120, yeah thats well worth the rubber you get.... you can spend that much on crappy street tires so might as well get the LTBs. IMHO for that price you won't find a better offroad tire. I ran 33 13.5 ltbs for a little while on my 62 and loved them on and off road. I think the 34's look great on a wagon too, kinda tall and skinny enough to fit the stock rims is a bonus. You don't even need alot of lift for that size either.
i run the 31x11.5's on my samurai and love them....they dont ride bad at all on the street, just have the cool humming noise, and kill gas mileage, but they give awesome traction on the rocks at 5 psi;)
What he said. I have the 34x10.5's on mine and love them. I at about 5k and looks like I will get plenty more out of them.
Awesome offroad, very loud on the street. Bias ply, so on cold days it took me about 5 miles of vibrating (not mild vibrating) before the flat spots smoothed out. Once they smoothed out they drove up to 70 mph ok....but loud.
Whats the likely hood of fitting 34s on a stock 62 no lift 10/50 wide?
its likely your going to rub on all corners.

Best bet would be to get some some shackles that are one or two inches over stock and correct the castor angle with some shims. Then those bad boys would be a good combo. Thats the quickest way to get some lift without going deep into your wallet and shelling out for springs or a body lift.

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