Swamp Fox FaceBook Admin needed

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Nov 26, 2008
Charleston, SC
So as many of you know, I created a FaceBook page for the group but have been slack on updating it. I am looking for someone to take on the role of the pages admin. If no one steps up, then I will cancel the page.
crickets....huh? I created a FB page for my company, and only remeber to update it 4 or 5 times a year.... I feel your pain. i'll like it incase it goes away.
We had a website with our own domain name but the FB page was getting more use so I canceled the domain and website. All someone needs to do is copy over the Calendar of Events as they happen...upload pics if they attend meetings or any runs...and answer any questions or messages from people interested.

Surely with all the new people there is someone that can spend 15-30 minutes per week to update. LOL

If not....I wonder if there is a way to link it here?
15-30 minutes per week? Geez, you spend more time on FB than I thought. More like 5 minutes per month.
I was stating that as a maximum for someone that will be ACTIVE in the page updating calendars...linking events or stories related to Land Cruisers....etc. They would hopefully do more than you..hahahahahahahahahaha
cant anyone post to the FB page? Does it have to have an admin?
I think we should just stick with the mud page. Are we doing FB because of it is easier to upload pics?
no for more visibility for prospective members like the regular website we had...as if someone does a search on Google they will see the FB or website long before they will in MUD.
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