SW CO in mid-late september

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Sep 19, 2008
Central Texas
Hey everyone..

Just figured I'd give a heads up that I'll be headed to the Durango/Telluride/Silverton/Ouray area some time around September 15th through 23rd for camping and trails.. plans are at the very least black bear, imogene, engineer passes.. Alpine loop, maybe poughkeepsie gulch, and lots more just exploring. I've been up there a lot so know of a bunch of great camping spots.

If anyone wants to come along they are welcome.. should be only me in my rig.. I know some people in Durango I'll probably spend a day or two visiting on either end of the time in Colorado.

My rig is getting some last-minute TLC before the trip.. but gonna try to hit up hidden falls one of these weekends everyone else goes if I can get some time away from the fire station.

Let me know if anyone is interested..

80-series with winch/armor/lockers/small lift on 315s

aka overkill for any of those trails.

Whoever plans to go ought to meet up soon for beers. I'm down for an HF trip this Sunday 8/7

I can't plan anything on a weekend til late August at least.. not getting picked for overtime would free up a day but I won't know about that til noon the actual day of.

So yeah.. I'll jump on to a HF trip if I can.. but beers/planning will need to happen during the week most likely.
I need to test of stuff on the 40 and HF would fit the bill since it's close. I'm in if I can but I never can really plan much due to work.
I'm out. I have to help my dad fix some water gaps at the ranch.
Finally firming up some dates and have added a detour..

Should be leaving Austin afternoon september 13th.. and get back the evening of the 23rd. Most of it will still be up near durango, but it's looking like I'll head over to canyonlands for a couple days to drive the white-rim road. For that detour I'm thinking I'll do some trails and blackbear the day before, then head over to canyonlands from telluride and get on white rim asap. Then back to telluride, and take imogene over to ouray and see what else i can explore. No dates locked in for canyonlands yet.

I'll also go check out where I rolled the truck last year, just to see the area again.

Either way.. sounds like no one else can make it but if someone comes up with some time drop me a line.

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