Suspension work.. am I buying all that I need?

Apr 2, 2020
Inland Northwest
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So my front end suspension parts finally starting to come apart at the seams on my 2000 LC. Many (all?) of the parts appear to be original/the truck has 260000 miles on it. The passenger's lower control arm ball joint is toast, bushing are obviously worn out all around, etc. About 20k miles ago I had a light/medium OME suspension kit installed. I have already purchased new front sway bar bushings (planned on doing that last month; have yet to get around to it) but since the ball joints are starting to go I figure I might as well replace most of the rest of the suspension components up front. I'm trying not to spend an arm and a leg while doing this. If someone could please check my parts list to see if I am purchasing the right stuff/going down the right path that would be really awesome. I also had a few quick questions:

Dobinson, Nitro, or SPC upper control arms (haven't made up my mind yet.. and trying to see what will be in stock as I'd like to get this done as soon as I can figure the plan out/order parts)

OEM lower control arms

Tie Rod End Kit from Cruiser Outfitters

Trail Tailor extended front sway bar links

I already have the replacement bushings for the front sway bar

Front diff drop kit (was supposed to buy/install this last year... oops). Does it matter which brand I go with? Thinking of Trail Tailor...

Confirming with new UCA's I DO NOT need new shocks? I will try to get a hold of the appropriate vendor tomorrow but if someone has used OME shocks with UCA's that would be great to know!

Are there are any other misc bolts/nuts I should be replacing? Any other parts while i'm in there? The LC rides well otherwise, no leaks (fixed the valve cover heavy seep earlier this year), have flushed PS fluids within 10k miles, etc. Just don't want to not order something while I'm in there and have to rip off a bunch of crap or have to grind things down to clean them up for reinstall instead of paying $20 for a new bolt or something like that.

Thanks for any help!

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