Nov 24, 2003
Alright, I have gotten pleanty of feedback on "to convert or not to convert". Now, how about the suspension? I think I have decided to go with a 350 with an SM420 or SM465 tranny and I want to articulate a little bit.

Should I go spring over or maybe spring over front and 1/4 elliptical rear, or maybe some cool S#%T I've never even heard of? what are the pros and cons of the different suspensions? And what would be best for something I want to drive around town then climb some rocks!
Jul 5, 2003
Central, Utah
The 420 is hard to find but the 465 is everywhere. I don't think the slightly lower gears of the 420 makes it enough better to warrant the expense and hassle. The 465 is dime-a-dozen. I wanted one and got 3 for free. My junkyard buddy says it is the most common tranny.

SOA with stock springs is a huge improvement for articulation. For getting wilder you might check out the hardcore section.

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