Suspension / Spring Question

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Jan 17, 2018
North Carolina
I have a 100 series. Last year I was having some issues with sway when loaded. I replaced all the shocks, bushings, etc. That got rid of the sway but it still sags when fully loaded. I added helper air bags to solve that issue. The air bags broke, so I am going to have to replace them.

The question is can I put OME heavy duty springs on the back and just keep the front as it is with the new Toyota shocks I just installed? Also, if I did add the OME springs would I need to change the rear shocks too? Basically so I need to do a full lift or can I get away just swapping out the springs?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!
You can get away with the springs only, if you don't mind an all day (when unloaded) harsher ride.
You do not need to change the shocks. All of the OME springs are shorter or the same height as the stock Toyota springs.
dont need new shocks. get the medium springs if you are not loaded all the time.
Thanks everyone! I think I will try the OME medium.
I agree. I run the OME 860 springs with Toyota shocks all around. It's a good ride both loaded and unloaded. I strongly advise against the 865 springs, though, as they will sag.

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