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May 10, 2011
Evans, GA
I towed our 23foot Celebrity today for the first time with the land cruiser and it did well regarding power, BUT it seemed like the rear bounced alot and I was wondering if buying a small lift with springs rated for a heavier load (ome) would help get rid of that?

i also noticed it heading to the beach when I had 5 friends in it with me along with all our fishing gear.

would cranking the torsion bars help? i really dont know much about it, and im sure ill get the reply that i should search more but i am trying to figure it out based more on my vehicle.

2001 with 150,000ish

thanks again
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Jul 4, 2010
I think the bouncy feeling would have more to do with the fact that you have 150K on the original coils than anything else. OEM replacements would probably solve the issue, but if you want to lift the truck then Slee or OME springs are a good way to go for that purpose. Keep in mind, springs are tuned for constant weight, not towing weight. They are designed with things like heavy bumpers, drawers, trail armor, etc in mind that are on the vehicle all the time. They aren't meant to help with towing heavy loads, so if you get springs with a high weight rating and you don't have any weight on the truck unless you're towing, the ride will be pretty harsh unless the trailer is hooked up.

Adjusting the torsion bars will raise or lower the front of the truck, and will have very little to do with how the rear end responds to towing heavy stuff like a boat.
Feb 15, 2004
Left Coast, USA
x2, AirLifts are great, I use them on a lifted truck as well. And towing variable loads is actually their designed purpose. Deflate them for normal driving or wheeling, air them up if loading up the back, or really air them up for towing that boat.
Jun 18, 2007
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You could also run a adjustable shock.. When i tow my boat i run em hard ( takes the bounce out ) and adjust them back th the setting of my choise after!!!... Also have a look at the weight on the tow ball, if need be move the winch pole back 6in to balance the boat on the tandem trailer....

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Jan 22, 2010
Birmingham, AL
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either the airlift or the firestones will be fine. I'm going with the firestones because I've used them in the past and they are blue, which will match my truck better than the orange air lifts. Also, it looks like the airlift runs the airline through the bottom, while the firestone runs it throught the top of the bag.

Here's the installation instructions:
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