Suspension Lift ??

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Dec 10, 2009
Where is the best place to order my lift kit from? Want to go with
a medium 2.5 OME since i am going to put different bumpers on.

Is there anything better than the OME kits or is this what
everyone uses? Any input on this would be great. Thanks
I just put an ome medium kit on my cruiser with grease able shackles. I love the way it drives. Safari ltd ordered it and installed it for me for $1800.
All depends on where you live. Kurt (CruiserOutfit) from Cruiser Outfitters is one of our premium vendors and is a great help here on the forums. If you are around the Salt Lake City, Utah area he can get it for you (well technically he can get it for you no matter where you are) and we like to support our vendors. Start with him and then do some shopping around.
x2 for cruiseroutfitters unless you're in Portland, then talk to LandCruisers NW
X2 Safari
Thanks for the input Everyone. Going to shop around. I will
probably just end up giving Lance W. the business at Iron PIGGY!!!

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