suspension lift question

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Nov 16, 2002
Northeast PA
??? I have a question... I ordered a 4 inch BDS lift kit for my 74 fj40 and got some 35 inch meats for once it is lifted. Do I have to get longer brake lines for it or not? I cant get a good answer on this. And if so what should i get and about how much.

IMO, recommended. Check the "cruiser facts" section and you'll find a 22-1/2" long hose thru NAPA. Double check the fittings, that should be sufficient. IIRC, stock is like 18".
I found 2 part numbers on the the facts page, and called napa. Is the one number a front and the other a rear? The part numbers are 38009 and 38881. I have the stock 74 brake setup, is this what I want?

you'll need to double check the fitting sizes with your stock hoses...they are the "same" number, just for different manufacturers. NAPA should have a crossreference book you can use to make sure the fittings are the same - I used the book to find these two numbers. IIRC, your vintage should be fine, it's the earlier ones that have the smaller fitting size.
Go ahead and get a longer rear line. I didn't, and played roullette with the devil for awhile. It was pulled taut.
Skyjacker also sells a nice extended brake line , braided stainless for ~$40, 4wheelparts has it.
Do I need longer lines front and back?
Oh and cruiser GA I sent an email about seeing if you have club shirts. Do you?

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