Suspension kit recommendations (BJ-60) OME, ?

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May 5, 2003
I'm going to be replacing the suspension on my BJ-60 soon and would like to get some 1st hand recommendations on which manufacturer to go with. I have heard many good things about OME.... if I were to get their kit which one would be the best for combined street /off-road use.
Any ideas on the best place (cheapest!) to buy it from?
Are you looking for lift or stock height?
OME on my BJ40 is far too soft. Any way the Springs are made by King Springs in Sydney and the Dampers are made in Adelaide by Monroe.
wRe: Suspension kit recommendations (BJ-60) OME, ?

I have belton suspension on my bj60 I think it is a 2.5 inch lift.
It fits 33's easily.
It was reasonable and I'm told comparable to ome, with ome I think you are paying some extra for the name.
The belton kit came with everything shackles, bushings, shocks, steering stabilizer.
I have had it on since august and I'm quite happy.
Seems pretty heavy duty. It is a bit bouncy.
Let me know if you need more info.
erfworm: I'm looking to get 2.5" of lift, that should be plenty.

jonathon: Which OME do you have, the light, med or heavy?

jzilla: Thanks, I'll check out belton, where did you get yours?

Thanks guys
I've got the medium OME 2.5" suspension on my 62 and it works great. However, I think that once I add the bullbar and winch the medium will probably sag considerably in the front. If you've got the diesel and a lot off weight upfront I think you might want to go with the heavy. Unfortunaely I don't know how the heavy will ride, but I can tell you that with the medium my on road characteristics actually improved greatly over the stock set-up. :G
Jonathan: Which OME do you have, the light, med or heavy?
I have the 2.5" Heavy Duty. Also the front has sagged heeps, But a lot more on the right side. Rear is about right, Just soft.
Forgot to mention: The Dampers are Valved too hard(Damper slows the Spring too much).

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