Suspension Install Surprise

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Jun 10, 2004
Portland, OR
I lurk around on this spot a lot and have tried to read suspension threads and don't recall seeing this.

I'm mechanically challenged so I'm paying a mechanic that I completely trust to do the install of a 2.5" OME Dakar whatever you wanna call it suspension on my 62. Heavy front, medium back. The mechanic seems to think it's coming in at 3" rear and 2.5" front.

During the install he's run into a couple of minor challenges.

The sway bar brackets or something related to that are now going to be too short. He's gonna source new ones for the front locally and do some sort of modification extension on the back.

The brake lines in the back are now too short. The solution is to go to longer stainless steel.....hopefully they can be sourced locally. If not, probably won't be through by the weekend. This isn't a big deal to me (not sure of the cost) and probably is a good modification anyway.

Anyone else experience this during the install? At least you can now be aware.

I haven't seen the install yet but I'm told that the rear is a little higher than the front. I do plan to do a bumper and winch install and it seems to me like hte added weight would lower the front even more. I'd like a more "level" stock look. Maybe teh rear will settle.? My intent was to make the truck look beefy or on steroids but not the "hey hold my beer and watch this" look. Sure hope I haven't @$)(#% up the look of my truck...I like it a lot.
yes, you need swaybar extensions, yes you need longer brake lines. all the cruiser companies sell them, maybe you can get them locally.

The rear will settle, don't worry.
umpqua, you'll be happy with this setup which I did recently on my 88 FJ62. I didn't run into any problems with the swaybars or brake lines though. I know the brake lines are an issue with 4" lifts but not the 2.5. I will be extending the brake lines just in case though. The sway bars are new to me and I'd also appreciate others experiences with this.
X2 on the sway bar link extensions and extended brake lines. This is normal.
Extended brake hose for the rear.Napa part # 38009. Thats all i got tonight. Hope it helps.
I hucked my swaybar into my pile of swaybars, dead shocks, old radiators, dead leaf springs, and dead steering stabilizers. BDS makes swaybar link extensions that I know for sure, and BDS seems to be sold in a large amount of 4x4 shops. Look up their company and go to the dealer list for someone in your area. I did an Ironman lift on my truck and should have done extended brakelines, gotta get new drums and shoes on the rear first. And if you don't like the look of your truck when your done just come over here and park it next to mine lol. As far as level goes, if you have heavy front and medium rear springs, they should settle nicely maybe even lower in the back I'd imagine. You have a 2F in the front of the truck and nothing in back so it may take some time.
The sway bar brackets or something related to that are now going to be too short. He's gonna source new ones for the front locally and do some sort of modification extension on the back.

The brake lines in the back are now too short.

MAF has both front and rear sway-bar extensions. The rear can be fabbed easily. Fronts too.

MAF also has longer SS brakelines, but if NAPA's close that might be tempting. I used the SS kit, replaced 4 soft hoses with SS. Seems like I get a firmer pedal that way, but who knows...
with regards to the back sitting higher, i found mine didn't settle (evenly). I swapped the shackles around, putting the back ones on the front. That fixed it, because the rear shackles are about a half inch longer than the fronts.
sway bars can be chucked all togther. 60's not even have them from oem, thought the axles have the brackets for them.
the spings should settle a bit over time, though the amount of time varies.
i got just under 4'' on a 3'' lift a few years ago.....and still have it.
Is a half-inch difference between front and rear that noticeable? Where do you measure front and back to see the difference? I measured from the pinstripe because I thought my rear might be sagging. The rear was actually an inch higher than the front. I was just parked on a slope and the difference in the wheel wells kind of fooled me. Anyways. Just some random thoughts. I would also think you would want the back slightly higher so that it is even under load, kind of like a pickup. I have no experience with lifts, just wondering how it works.

:beer: Chad
I went over and saw the truck Friday afternoon. I think that it really looks great. The front/back ratio seems to be the same as stock only it's higher. I saw a 62 driving down the road over the weekend with it's stock 20 year old suspension and it looked "tired". I wish I had done this years ago. I'll bet that I like the ride as well and can't wait for that.

Ordered the lines from Manafre. They should be in this week. Fabbing the rear sway bar mounts and bought the fronts.

I guess that I will need to do an alignment??

Anyone have a valence for a 60 they would like to sell? I'm ready to do the 62/60 swap on the front.

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