Surprising milage

Sep 28, 2005
Gainesville, FL
OK, I bought the '96 LC locked and stock and changed all fluids, fixed a few things, added a stereo and just took it out on the road. Compared to the 4runner and the Grand Wagoneer I had previous to this truck, it was rock solid and very comfortable on the interstate at 70mph.

The 4runner got around 14/17, the GW got 7/10. After five full hand-calculated tanks, I'm getting 11-12 around town and 17 on the highway. I expected much worse.

At 182k, there's a very slow drip from the front and rear mains but otherwise looks ready for another 200k. Thanks for sharing all the great tips.

I've yet to tow this truck behind the motorhome but wil post the results as soon as it gets done.

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